Learning and Practicing Stress Patterns

Learning and Practicing Predictable Stress Patterns

Many non-native speakers find the rhythm of English a bit baffling because there don't seem to be any simple rules for the way words are stressed.

This isn't exactly true, but I understand that it can feel that way. 😉

In Stress Simplified, we focus on the predictable stress patterns you can practice.

Because words with these patterns are so common in professional and academic environments (as well as your everyday interactions), practicing them will get you using word stress more consistently.

By drilling these patterns, you'll do powerful work to train your ear and your mouth.

And after a month of exercises, you'll find it much easier to hear the stressed syllable in words that don't follow these patterns.

In this section, I walk you through the stress patterns you'll learn in this program. (This is particularly helpful for visual learners who would like to see the patterns to remember them. 👀)

But you don't have to watch the workshops to keep moving forward with the drills!

This week, I encourage you to work through practice exercises 8-15 and continue making momentum.

Even five minutes a day can add up to noticeable results, and you're aiming for these small but significant wins right now.

ps... Remember to use the Stress Simplified boot camp program to help keep you motivated to work through the practice exercises!
Learning and Practicing Stress Patterns
Introduction to Stress Patterns
2 mins
Guidelines for Stress Patterns
6 mins
Practice Pitch Steps & Stress Patterns in Two- and Three-Syllable Words
3 mins
Guidelines for Other Predictable Stress Patterns
7 mins
Stress Patterns in Word Families
22 mins
Guidelines for Word Partnerships
5 mins