Here's What to Expect From This Guided Program

We'll start out talking all about how to consistently stress, or emphasize, the key syllables in words and phrases.

You'll start controlling your pitch, volume, and syllable length and learn my secrets to getting all three working together effortlessly.

From there, you’ll find out how to identify word stress in Google and other online dictionaries for when you discover words in work, school, and daily life.

Then the real work begins: you’ll practice stress patterns with downloadable MP3 lessons so that you can take my practical exercises anywhere you go.

These short, actionable daily exercises will help you stretch and shape your mouth so that you produce the natural rhythm of English.

On top of that, you’ll train your ear to recognize patterns and really listen for stressed syllables.

These lessons build logically so that you start recognizing word stress in the most commonly used words in personal, professional, and academic settings.

You'll also learn how to create your own vocabulary lists so that you don't keep rehearsing the words with the wrong stress.

Then we'll build on this solid foundation and introduce sentence stress, which is essential for creating the natural rhythm of English.

You'll learn how to stress important words and consistently reduce the ones that don't matter. 

You'll understand how stress and emphasis can shift within a sentence to change its meaning and how you can leverage the power of stress to communicate more effectively.

Finally, you'll learn how to break your speech into digestible chunks, or thought groups. Thought groups make it easier for your listener to follow what you're saying.

You'll learn how to naturally chunk your words into shorter phrases in order to emphasize key ideas and clarify your meaning. This will help you breathe while speaking and keep your listener engaged.

As far as I’m concerned, word and sentence stress and thought groups account for the majority of a natural-sounding accent. By the end of this program, you’ll be so much closer to your goal. 🎉

Stress Simplified

Create the Natural Rhythm of English with Word and Sentence Stress

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