Essential Conversation Skills Bundle by Kim Dodge
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Essential Conversation Skills Bundle

Start 2018 Feeling More Confident in Conversations in English
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Ready to learn and develop the essential conversation skills you need to sound more natural in English?

The Essential Conversation Skills Bundle contains detailed video workshops that explain the following:

  • a wide variety of conversational situations so that you understand the cultural context and can respond appropriately;
  • the language and expressions you want to use to sound more like a native English speaker (and understand them too); and
  • the intonation you need to convey your meaning more clearly (so that you sound natural, of course).

These workshops will help you feel more prepared and less overwhelmed when interacting with native speakers since you can trust you have the right language and tone for the situation.

You’ll move beyond understanding conversations to leading them, participating in them, and contributing to them.

By learning conversation skills one by one, you will make consistent, measurable, steady progress towards your goal of communicating like a native English speaker.

This bundle contains three unique courses which will help you communicate more confidently in English:

(You can use the above links to explore the content inside each of these courses.)

Understanding and Making Small Talk will help you navigate casual conversations and small talk in personal, professional, and academic environments. You'll understand the different situations where you will need to make small talk and be able to take different approaches based on whether you're interacting with strangers, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, or coworkers. ($29 Value)

The Conversation Anatomy Starter Pack is designed to give you the absolute most essential conversation skills in English so that you can confidently navigate conversations in personal, professional, and academic environments.  As such, it is an introduction to better communication in English. ($49 Value)

Participate Actively in Conversations will help you understand how to contribute thoughtfully and intelligently to conversations, meetings, and discussions in English. You'll be able to demonstrate your interest and engagement in a topic, show that you're listening carefully, and express agreement and disagreement in culturally-appropriate ways. ($79 Value)

As Vladimir from Serbia says about his experience with these workshops:

In my humble opinion Conversation Anatomy is awesome... you didn't just provide us with the combination of words which we have to use... but you provide us also with the emotional part... with feelings... what to say in which occasion... that's absolutely fantastic for me!

You'll gain real, practical skills that will immediately help you communicate better, participate like a native speaker, and contribute intelligently to conversations and discussions.

You can see exactly what’s included inside each course using the links above!

On top of the exclusive video workshops, MP3s and PDF guides, I’m finishing up a PDF guidebook with complete transcripts and reflection questions for quick reference.

My goal this year is to help even more people feel confident in conversations in English. So let’s get started!

Once you purchase the bundle, you'll be able to access your courses immediately!

Simply follow the instructions in the included document and get started. 😀

What's included?

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Ready to sound more natural in English?

I'm Kim from and I'm your guide to the essential communication skills you need to sound more natural in English. Let's get started!


Why are you offering this bundle?

From time to time, I receive fun offers to get a number of courses at a discount and thought it would be a great way to start off 2018. 

In addition, I spent the past few weeks rewatching all of these courses and creating a complete guidebook with transcripts and reflection exercises, and I want these resources to be available to as many people as possible!

What if I have already purchased one of these courses?

If you have already purchased one or more of these courses, please check your email for a special invitation. I don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to participate in the live coaching call!

What level of English do I need? What if I'm a native speaker?

These workshops are designed to help you gain professional communication skills that are highly valued in the workplace, graduate school, and other academic settings. These skills are also useful in personal relationships when you need to be tactful.

These courses are designed for high intermediate, advanced, and fluent non-native speakers who want to understand the nuances of effective communication.

These courses are also appropriate for native English speakers who need guidance on conversation and discussion skills. Personally, I have strengthened my own communication ability through creating these workshops.

What do I get when I purchase this bundle?

You receive immediate access to these three courses:

These courses include video workshops, MP3 downloads, and PDFs. You'll also receive a guidebook with complete transcripts and reflection questions.

On top of that, your investment supports my work including the free resources on my website, YouTube channel, and email community.