Express Yourself Naturally by Kim Dodge

Express Yourself Naturally

Learn to communicate more effectively through word and sentence stress, intonation, and essential communication skills!

Want to express yourself naturally and sound more like a native English speaker?

The Express Yourself Naturally bundle includes four full-length courses: Stress Simplified, Intonation Clinic, 30 Days of Intonation, and Conversation Anatomy.

When you invest in this bundle and commit to practicing over the course of three months, you'll achieve the following:

  • You'll master word and sentence stress so that you speak more clearly and reduce your accent.
  • You'll be able to use stress and intonation effectively to clearly communicate your meaning, and break your ideas into thought groups so that they're easier for your listeners to understand.
  • You'll feel more confident controlling and changing your pitch and leveraging your voice so that you can express precisely what you mean through American intonation patterns.
  • You'll be able to apply what you've learned to some of the most common words and expressions in English so that you use them more like a native speaker.
  • You'll communicate effectively using essential conversation skills so that you say the right thing in the right situation with the right intonation. (In other words, you'll learn what to say, how to say it, and why it matters.)

Stress Simplified

Stress Simplified will teach you how to speak clearly through word and sentence stress and thought groups so that people will definitely understand what you say.

When you improve how you stress your speech, your voice sounds more natural and less robotic, your pitch is more expressive and less monotone, your words are more clear and easy to understand, and you'll no longer have to repeat yourself as often!

($199 value)
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Intonation Clinic

Intonation Clinic will teach you how to create the melody and music of English with your voice so that you sound more interesting, more engaging, and more natural when you speak.

You’ll feel confident that you’re expressing the right emotions, attitude, and meaning through your tone of voice.

($199 value)
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30 Days of Intonation

30 Days of Intonation will get you practicing key intonation patterns in English through the conversational uses of 30 common words, phrases, and expressions.

You'll understand how meaning shifts based on intonation and be able to use these patterns in conversation.

($75 value)
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Conversation Anatomy

Conversation Anatomy will teach you real, practical conversation skills that will immediately help you communicate better in the office, in grad school, or with friends.

You'll also learn the right intonation to use with each conversation skill so that you feel confident you're saying things the right way.

($125 value)
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Special Offer Through December 31, 2020

When you sign up for the Express Yourself Naturally bundle, you'll save over 40% off the regular prices of these four courses.

In addition, this is currently the only way you can enroll in both 30 Days of Intonation and Conversation Anatomy, two courses that build on what you learn inside the Intonation Clinic.

If you're interested in improving your accent and how you communicate this year, the Express Yourself Naturally bundle is for you.

Any questions? Please contact me here.

Note: The Express Yourself Naturally bundle is available through December 31, 2020 at 11:59PM EST.

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What's included in the Express Yourself Naturally bundle?

You'll receive immediate access to these four courses:

At the moment, the Express Yourself Naturally bundle is the only way you can enroll in both 30 Days of Intonation and Conversation Anatomy, two courses that build on what you learn in the Intonation Clinic.

Ready to sound more natural in English?

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