Participate Actively in Conversations by Kim Dodge

Participate Actively in Conversations

Communicate More Effectively in English


Ready to participate actively in conversations in English?

This collection of exclusive workshops will help you communicate more effectively in English as you continue to develop the essential conversation skills you need to sound more natural.

In these workshops, we examine conversations one skill at a time. You’ll learn the culture behind communication strategies as well as the language you need to express yourself more like a native English speaker.

Through Participate Actively in Conversations, you'll understand how to contribute thoughtfully and intelligently to conversations, meetings, and discussions in English. 

You'll be able to demonstrate your interest and engagement in a topic, show that you're listening carefully, and express agreement and disagreement in culturally-appropriate ways.

These workshops will help you go even deeper into personal and professional communication:
  • you'll be able to agree and disagree completely, partially, and tentatively
  • you'll feel more confident asking for clarification before agreeing or disagreeing
  • you'll learn strategies for softening your language and expressing your ideas more tactfully and diplomatically
  • you'll understand why you need to demonstrate active listening skills when speaking to native English speakers
  • you'll participate more actively by showing you're listening in both nonverbal and verbal ways
  • you'll find out how to reflect other people's ideas back to them by summarizing, rephrasing, and restating what you heard.
  • you'll discover the best approaches for asking for and receiving feedback (which will help you move forward professionally)
  • you'll start asking better questions by understanding how to engage people in conversation
  • you'll learn how to create stronger answers to conversation questions so that you can keep the conversation going.

This course will guide you in conversations and discussions so that you can communicate confidently, professionally, and respectfully.

In my humble opinion Conversation Anatomy is awesome... you didn't just provide us with the combination of words which we have to use... but you provide us also with the emotional part... with feelings... what to say in which occasion... that's absolutely fantastic for me!
-Vladimir, Serbia

What's Included

  • Detailed video workshops organized logically that cover complementary skills
  • MP3 and PDF downloads so that you can practice conversation skills when you're offline
  • Access to all updates and improvements to the courses (based on your feedback!)
  • Priority enrollment in future group programs

Ready to gain real, practical skills that will immediately help you communicate better, participate like a native speaker, and contribute intelligently to conversations and discussions?

I am not talking just about understanding conversations, but leading them, participating in them, and contributing to them.

If so, I encourage you to join the course today!


Will this course help me in professional and academic discussions?

Yes! These workshops are designed to help you gain professional communication skills that are highly valued in the workplace, graduate school, and other academic settings. These skills are also useful in personal relationships when you need to be tactful!

What level of English do I need? What if I'm a native speaker?

These courses are designed for high intermediate, advanced, and fluent non-native speakers who want to understand the nuances of effective communication.

These courses are also appropriate for native English speakers who need guidance on conversation and discussion skills. Personally, I have strengthened my own communication ability through creating these workshops.

Do I need to take any other courses before this one?

No! This course does not require any previous preparation.

That said, these workshops go deeper into communication in English. I assume that you feel comfortable with the most essential conversation skills discussed in the Conversation Anatomy Starter Pack. I review any relevant skills (remember, all conversation skills are connected and build on each other!).

If you want to learn more about asking better questions in conversations, I encourage you to check out the mini-course on Understanding and Making Small Talk in English.

If you feel comfortable with these topics based on previous study, I encourage you to join Participate Actively in Conversation.

Ready to sound more natural in English?

I'm Kim from and I'm your guide to the essential conversation skills you need to sound more natural in English. Let's get started!